Welcome to the Journey

I quit my job to travel the world, now I’m figuring out how to make travel my job.

Hey Stranger!

Earlier this year I quit my job in television to travel solo through Southeast Asia. What was supposed to be a 2-month refresher turned into a 10-month journey.

I discovered what I’m truly passionate about: creating experiences for others and telling stories that inspire and equip you to see the world. And hopefully sharing a voice that cuts through the noise of the travel blogger scene.

I believe travel is more than bucket lists, passport stamps and perfectly staged Instagram photos (though you will possibly find some here every now and then). Everyone travels for deep and personal reasons and I think it’s important to share those with each other, to share our stories with each other.

I’m so happy that I finally embraced my travel junkie identity! Too many places to see. Too much street food to eat. Too many Moleskines to fill. It’s just in my bones.

Not knowing exactly what’s next scares me sometimes, but knowing I’m the one to make my own way sets me right. Join me on the adventure–and beyond.

❤ Corinne


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